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*Caution*: If you log in other platforms with Bizkaakai, the system will not be able to retrieve the original account information. Therefore you have to register a new account

For new members who register for an account. Can login And the next step that must be prepared is Personal and business information that needs to be posted Including images that fit the size set by the website.

Buyers need to apply for membership in order to log in and use the website more conveniently.

If you are unable to log in 

  1. Go to Login page
  2. Select “Forgot password”  at the bottom right corner
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1) Your password must be  at least  8 and 16 characters. 

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And Password change requirements can be used with new user or former users who have forgotten the password and want to change the new password.

Can be using on 2 steps. 

1 Contact to admin for cancel your membership and delete account.

2. You can cancel the membership and delete account by yourself on the steps: Go to your profile > select Delete Account.

Change your username or personal details the following steps.

  1. Go to the My Account page >>  Choose Edit >>  Edit your information >>  Select OK to complete changing.
  2. To help you keep your account secure, you have to fill out the additional personal information to confirm your identity.

About the website

Bizkaakai can supports the user for using of 4 languages such as Thai, English, Japanese and Chinese.

About collecting personal information that can be read from Privacy policy

Can you contact to admin via email [email protected] and ask for more information, please select the menu Contact us

For advertise on the website. You can contact to admin at the Contact us menu

About services fee & Service

Bizkaakai is a website about buyers, sellers and others interested in real estate and franchise business we can support in 4 languages with services related to your business. Such as Lawyer ,  accounting and translation

Currently all the service are free.
In the future, we may introduce a monthly fee and charge to agents/brokers, therefore we will inform you in advance.

<Companies developing franchise businesses>
Currently all the services are free.
We may introduce a monthly fee and charges in the future, therefore we will inform you in advance.

Currently all the services are free.
We may introduce a monthly fee and charge in the future, therefore we will inform you in advance.

About business for sale methods

If your business is small, it can be Small M&A.

If your business loses a long time Can still buy and sell business in Bizkaakai because we provide advice and business consulting services But there will be additional costs.

The posting period is 60 days. 1 week before the email will be informed by Bizkaakai, informing that the posting period is about to expire.

Depending on the situation of the following
Please choose the type of project as appropriate.
-“Business for Sale” category
This category is for corporate M&A (business transfer/stock transfer),or ownership or possession of the sole. The question page provides detailed business and financial information.
-“Commercial Property” category
Is the type used for selling or renting buildings Office space or move out.
The project page should have a description of the objectives in order to provide the necessary information to the buyer in a short, concise and understandable way to pay. 

Uploading images is an option in the Sales / Transfer business category, as there are many sellers that want to hide specific details such as the company name in the M&A project. If you post without images , We will set the temporary image to be eye-catching and interesting.

Please change the language from the top of right corner and enter the page for each language and post with that language.

How to purchase

Learn to trade by yourself please following the steps.

For Selling: Sell Business > Sell your Business > Guide to Selling

For Buying: Buy Business > Buy your Business > Guide to Buying

For Franchise :  Promote Franchise >> Guide to Franchise >> Franchise  Detail