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Lease!! Pen Tor Shabu shop @Ramintra Branch Along the Motorway

Price (THB)


Lease!! Shhabu shop #Ram Inthra #Fashion Island #Kubon @Raminthra Branch along the motorway
Only 900,000 Thb, only for the area, negotiable
Had invested 2.5 million, able to transfer right away
with franchise + equipment

Have regular customers, the business is running as usual
In case of wanting to contine the existing restaurant, willing to train the recipe
With contact of suppliers included

Located next to motorway road, with plenty of parking
The restaurant also operate online, with parking space to pick up food

WIth page and Line OA
Chef, cashier, waiters, dishwasher
Have gone through training and have work experience, can continue the business operation immediately

Location nearby
– The Centro Village, Panya Indra, Sena Park, Mantana and others
– near Synphaet Hospital
– Fashion Island Khubon

Shop size: 185 sq.m., total 15 tables, 2 toilet (1 male, 1 female)
with all equipment in the room
- 3 A/C
- 1 Window computer
- 1 power supply
- 1 wooden counter
- 15 wooden tables
- 60 chairs
- 2 children chairs
- 2 stainless steel shelf
- 4 ventilation fans
- 2 fans for placing on the floor
- 1 pumper
- 1 waste water extractor
- 15 electric stoves
- 2 freezers
- other equipments

Lease: 900,000 Thb only
- current rental fee per month 25,000 Thb
- annual contract
- damage deposit 36,000 Thb - refundable
- water and electricity, according to meter price
(Deposit for water and electricity bill 25,000 Thb - refundable)

Interest, please contact
Khun Koi = 081-033-9692
Line ID = 0810339692
Khun May = 086-442-6636
Line ID = 0864426636

Food / Beverage
Food / Beverage

Lease Out Seaview Restaurant, Tri Trang Beach – Patong Phuket, with All Equipment, Ready To Continue The Business

Price (THB)


Lease out seaview restaurant, Tri Trang Beach - Patong Phuket, with full equipment, ready to continue the business operation
Located in the same zone with 6-stars, 5-stars horels, the same route to Paradise Beach where the Full Moon Party takes place
The balcony can see elephants are taking a bath with tourists too
Can see cruise ship clearly, area: 13 meters width along to the beach (25 meters) with 1 rooms for staying
Toilet are separated by genders
with staff and room for staff
all equipment for kitchen, still operating
2 km from Bangla Road and Jungceylon Shopping Center.
30 minutes from Phuket Town and 50 minutes from Phuket International Airport
Close to many communities, hotels, resorts, apartments, villas, restaurants
Patong city attractions, Jungceylon Department Store, Central Department Store, Makro Department Store, Ban San Market, Patong Hospital and many more

Rental fee: 60,000 Thb/month
Lease offer: 500,000 Thb, rental fee will rise 10% every 3 years

For more information, please contact
Joe: 081-8018609
ID ; jothana

Other Food Beverage
Other Food Beverage

Sell A Restaurant Next To Kalim Beach – Patong, Full Equipment, Ready To Continue The Business

Price (THB)


Sell restaurant next to Kalim Beach - Patong, Phrabaramee Road, Patong Subdistrict, Phuket, staff available and full equipment, ready to continue the business operation
Currently, the business is still running, located near 6-star, 5-star hotels
The same route to Patong Beach - Kamala, area: 264 sq.m.
Documents of rights Nor Sor 3, the width that is acctached to the seashore is 21.54-21.80 meters
depth approximately 10 - 15.47 meters, usable area around 300 sq.m.
Located next to Kamala-Patong Highway Road, with equipment,
2 km from Bangla Road and Jungceylon Shopping Center, 30 minutes from Phuket Town and 50 minutes from Phuket International Airport
Close to many communities, hotels and resorts.
Apartments, villas, restaurants, tourist attractions in Patong, Jungceylon Shopping Center
Central Department Store, Makro Department Store, Ban San Market, Patong Hospital and many more

Offer: 65 million Thb (Total transfer registration fee divided by 2 parties)

For more information, please contact
Khun Jothana 081-8018609
ID ; jothana

Other Food Beverage
Other Food Beverage

Lease Ochaya 2 Branches (Phra Pradaeng Pier & Big C Bang Phli) with Staff/Equipment

Price (THB)


Lease Ochaya Phra Pradaeng Pier Branch 250,000 Thb
Lease Ochaya Big C Bang Phli 450,000 Thb

**Lease both branches: 600,000 Thb**

Phra Pradaeng Pier Branch, there is a 90,000 Thb deposit
Big C Bang Phli Branch, there is a 260,000 Thb deposit

Rental fee:
Phra Pradaeng Pier Branch: 30,000 Thb (The rntal will be 25,000 Thb until April 2021, COvid discount period)
Big C Bang Phli Branch: 37,000 Thb

- Both branches has revenue declined, due to COVID-19 but still profit
- Still operating
- Have staff
- Ready to continue the operation

Lease out reason: The owner do not have time to operate since there are 3 more businesses that the owner is operating

Contact Khun Kosin: 081-615-7703

Food / Beverage
Food / Beverage

Lease Out a Restaurant Along the Chao Phraya River Rama VIII Bridge view, Able To Continue The Business Operation

Price (THB)


Lease restaurant along the Chao Phraya River Rama VIII Bridge view
Able to continue the business

Lease restaurant along the Chao Phraya River Rama VIII Bridge view, usable area: 200 sq.m., 50 seats
The contract has 9 years before maturity, monthly rental fee: 35,000 Thb
Staff available
Located next to Chao Phraya River Rama VIII Bridge view
(The restaurant is still running)

Location: Sri Ayutthaya Road, Wachira Phayaban Sub-district, Dusit District, Bangkok 10300
Lease: 6,500,000 Thb, price is negotiable

Contact Khun May: 084-592-8945, Khun Kong: 095-478-7456
Id line :

Food / Beverage
Food / Beverage

Lease Out A Restaurant Next To Ratchaphruek Road, With Equipments, Able To Continue The Business Immediately

Price (THB)


Urgent lease, restaurant business next to Ratchaphruek Road on a 2,400 Sq.m. land with equipments
Can park more than 60 cars

A restaurant located next to Ratchaphruek Road, operating more than 10 years
Good reviews, a lot of regular customers
Have Facebook page, good live music
Constantly got praise from the customers
- 2,400 sq.m.
- 60 parkign spots
- separated bathroom, 4 on each side

Lease with all equipments, can continue the operation
WIth staffs, there are rooms for staff to stay
with warehouse 9Can revonate to be more rooms)

*Currently, the business is still operating*

Location:: Ratchaphruek Road, Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170

- Offer: 6.3 million Thb
- Rent: 160,000 Thb/month

The current contract has another 1.5 year before reaching maturity.
Can continue the contract for every 3 year

Contact: Saimai 091-7879564 // Line : maiizztata

Cafe & Drink
Cafe & Drink

3 in 1 Business Opportunity in Walking Street

Price (THB)


This is the best time ever to take over a business in Walking Street at super low prices and low rent to start with. The present temporary discount will cover the first few months towards opening orders. These are 3 different businesses ON Main Walking Street combined in one single offer. It had a Fully Equipped Restaurant 400 sqm plus + a Private Pool Party lounge Restaurant + a 35 Rooms Convenient Hotel. I was super Successful before with HIGH ROI and the lowest renting price in Walking Street. The original Take over Asking price was 35m THB based on the high profit marge but the present business owner is open of all offers and even can provide a payment plan. This open for all offers is only temporary because this will be sold very fast! It is only for serious buyers with proof of funds and real Potential Takeover Clients can view the businesses and meet the owner to get all the detail in full and make an offer. Just contact us NOW via email [email protected] or call 08000 18 20 9 to make the viewing appointment. THE TAKE OVER PRICE IS NOT FIXED, 20m THB IS THE GUIDELINE, THE POTENTIAL BUYER CAN COME WITH AN OFFER AND A PAYMENTPLAN CAN BE OFFERED.

Food / Beverage
Food / Beverage

Restaurant for sale

Price (THB)


Sale of a steak and cannabis beverages restaurant with all kitchen equipment in the shop and is ready to operat e.The shop is 10 meters wide and 4 meters deep.
The shop is in front of the second door of Phuket Grocery.


Pattaya City Brand New GoGo Bar Rent to Buy

Price (THB)


Close to Pattaya beach, walking distance to Walking Street, single shophouse with 4 floors, GoGo bar business turnkey is ready to move in now and open, the ground floor has a modern fully equipped GoGo bar with good sound and light system in place, it has a stair way up to 2 private VIP rooms, third and fourth floor are rooms for staff and managers residence. The selling price of this turnkey business is 2.5m THB but it has a very special payment feature that is affordable for all during this times: an initial first payment of 200,000.00 THB, a monthly payment of 60,000.00 THB including rent for 12 months, and a last payment on the 13th month paying 1,580,000.00 THB. Agents with potential business buyers have to add a finder’s fee as commission on the offer. This offer is temporary so if interested contact P.L.C. Pattaya Legal Consultants Khun Wanrapa (Khun Khung) 08000 18 20 9 to see the club and meet the business owner.

Food / Beverage
Food / Beverage

Lease Out Nobicha with Equipment (with Staffs), Able To Continue The Business Immediately, Muangthong

Price (THB)


Nobicha (Muang Thong Branch, T5 Building)
Only 480,000 Thb, able to continue immediately, also provide with rental deposit fee 20,000 Thb, this is worth investing

It is an easy to sell brand, Fast return on investment, only have to do online business and launch promotion consistently

Good location, Muang Thong condomenium, near St. Francis School and community areas with high density population

Suitable for those who wants to start running the business with full time job or young entrepreneurs who want to have theri own business

The shops has walk-in customer as well as online orders from Grab , Lineman , Foodpanda , Get or Gojet

Offer all equipment in the shop, ready to handover and continue the operation

With staffs

Rental fee: 10,000 Thb/month (provide deposit : 20,000 Thb)

Lease because...
- Does not have enough time, have to take care of the family, have full time job and many other business to run

Khun Noi: 063-5491494
Khun Toi: 099-4955164
Line ID noijung9090