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Lease Out Art School with Full Equipment (Included Trained Teachers), Able to Continue the Operation,

Price (THB)


Transfer art school On Nut - Lat Krabang area (The business is still operating)

It is a franchise business, well-known with parents. standard curriculum
The teachers have often been trained and supported by the headquarter
The seller is willing to train and transfer all the tasks or partial tasks depending on the negotiation from both party

Located at Paseo Mall Lat Krabang, Educational Institutions Zone
Near Paseo Mall There are both large villages such as Property Perfect Village and schools such as Prom School, Sarasas Witaed Romklao School

Area size: 60 sq.m., with 2 classrooms for small children and older children
– There is a group of talented teachers and know the children very well, able to do the business transfer seamlessly without effecting the business performance
– No obligation to pay staff wages as full-time salary

Reason for leasing
- The owner could not operate full time due to the obligation to operate other businesses in other provinces
- Offer: 3xx,xxx Thb

**What will you receive**

– Teaching equipment required according to the curriculum
– all furniture 4 CCTV systems, 3 air conditioners
– other as agreed

If you wish to start a extracurriculum school in other classes, the place and equipment can be leased out without being tied to the original course

Interest, please contact: 086-884-8874

Other Education
Other Education

Sell Tutoring School, Good Location, Suphanburi, Ready to Continue the Operation

Price (THB)


Sell tutoring school, good location in Suphanburi

Include curriculum and management system as well as popular franchise: Clayworks and Kingclass (Kingmath & Kingsciences) in good location, in the center of Suphanburi
1 hour drive from Bangkok, with all equipments and materials as well as electrical appliances
All licenses
Location: the shophouse is located next to Nenkaew Road, in a golden location in the center of business area in Suphanburi
3-storeys shophouse, Clayworks and Kingclass are int he same building
The school has opened for 2 years, 250 stusdents
2 full time teachers include admin staff
Still operating the business,
In January 2021, the school is closed due to COVID-19 regulations

Sell because the owner just has a baby, not have time to manage

Offering: 2.3 million Thb

Tel: 0842924409
Line id : pp.pasae

Language School
Language School

Sell Out Language and Tutoring School, with equipments and Able To Continue the Operation

Price (THB)


Sell out English language and tutoring school
(Still operating and ready to continue the operation, premium level students and normal students)

An English language school with all foreign teachers, The management is taking care of tutor management.
There are 60 students approximately at the moment, receive course payment as course-based.
If signing the contract by 15th of the month, you are able to receive the next month revenue
Tutoring and staffs wages are paid monthly
Those who are interesting, can form their own team to operate/
- Golden location: opposite the famous Catholic school and many leading schools, Ppivate schools and international schools in Samut Prakan District and Bangkok, near shopping malls
- Teach English, Mathematics, and Science and Business English for Adults
- It is a location for the Cambridge ESOL English proficiency exam (direct by ESOL institute). The institute has teaching and learning books. Imported from abroad directly.
- More than 3 years of operation and invest more than 5 million Thb
- International decoration, study as small groups, quality-focused
- Free!! Foreign and Thai English teachers' contact
- Special!!!! Teaching curriculum to teach English for teens and adults, both group and provate class, speaking and writing.
- All teaching materials and equipments, all new A/C in all floors and rooms

**Approx revenue after deduct hte expenses: 80,000 -120,000 Thb

Interest can contact and to observe the premise
Tel: 0805238644 or 0619655793

- All equipments and decoration, are the new owner's possession

Sell out because the owner has to manage international school oversea quite often which is unavailable to operate the business continuoursly

Language School
Language School

Sell Out English Tutoring School, Samut Prakan Province, The Business Is Still Running, All Tutors are Foreigners, Able to COntinue the Business OPeraation

Price (THB)


Sell out language tutoring school, Samut Prakan Province

(The business is still operating, able to continue, once the contract is made)
Kids in action English tutoring school

Sell out with franschise, tutors and students

It is a school that teaches through activities, all tutors are foreigners
The franchise owner is taking care and manage the tutors, you just have to manage the task and deal with parents.
At the moment, the school has 60 - 70 students, monthly payment.
Course fees are also paid monthly.
If signing the contract by 15th of the month, you are able to receive the next month revenue (Parents pay the course every 1st-7th of the month)
Tutoring fee is paid weekly through franchise owner.

Location: Praksa area, Soi Mangkon #Thepharak #Samut Prakan Province

Sell out price: 650,000 Thb
Monthly rental: 9,000 Thb
2 months pre-deposit fee: 18,000 Thb (Include in the sell out pricing)
Incluse franchising fee: 300,000 Thv

**Approx. monthly income: 100,000 ++ Thb** (This amount is only if operating on weekends at 9.00 - 14.00 and weekday evening for 1 hour, if there are more opening time, the income will definitely be higher.)

Given Equipments:
1. Brand's course curriculum
2. Desk and chairs for students
3. Shelf
4. 50+ topics of teaching equipments
5. 50+ topics of teaching materials
6. 3 A/c (2 are yours and 1 are the owner's)
7. 10+ tutors (Paid tutoring fee by hourly rate, through teacher assistant)
8. 1 Tv
9. and other teaching related things

Sell out reason:
Have many branches and have full time job and other businesses, could not handle all the businesses.

064-6351982 หรือ 0957054700
Jeab (Owner)

Other Education
Other Education

Entire BOOKSHOP in Pattaya

Price (THB)


Open your BOOKSHOP with just 129.000 thb !!!
What's included in the sale?
1/ Around 22.000 books in 14 different languages (already sorted)
2/ ALL shelves needed (including 2 freestanding + 1 rack)
What you need on your side:
1/ At least 80sqm available to store all books & shelves properly
2/ A Truck (or two) able to deal with the 9 tons of books & shelves
3/ Time / staff : Around 3 days of packing the books and dismantling shelves.
Interested? Please pm us and have a look, we're in pattaya, Na Jomtien soi Phoenix.
Please note that our price is a real bargain and thus FINAL. We won't answer to offers.
Thank you!

[email protected]

Other Education
Other Education

Thai cooking school in Chiang Mai for sale

Price (THB)


We are the first Thai cooking school in Chiang Mai. Open more than 20 years.
We want to sell the business as well as all trademarks to people who are interested and love Thai food because we are tired and want to change to do other things.
If you are interested you can arrange discussing all details and visit.
Interested, please contact ID Line : firstcookery