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Massage & Spa
Massage & Spa

Urgent Lease!!! Massage Shop Next to Airport Link Ramkhamhaeng, Have Parking, Many Regular Customers, Transfer with Equipment and Masseuses, Able To Continue The Business

Price (THB)


Urgent lease!!!! massage shop, next to Airport Link Ramkhamhaeng with building, have large parking space

Many regular customers

- 5 Thai massage beds
- 4 foot massage beds
- 2 oil massage beds
- new condition equipments

Lease because the owner does not have time to operate
Rental fee: 45,000 Thb/month include water and electricity, landlord is a nice person, can negotiate for the rental discount during covid-19

The shop has been certified by Sor. Bor.Sor. Just change the name and start the business.

Price is negotiable include the deposit fee

The contract has another 2 years before reaching maturity, can renew the contract.

The business is currently running.
There are 4 trained staffs

Interest, please contact
Tel: 080-0868996 Ping
Facebook: PhingPhing Kongnapa
ID Line: 0800868996

Massage & Spa
Massage & Spa

Lease Out Massage Shop, Soi Mistine, Rat Phatthana Road, Have Masseuses, Ready to Continue the Business

Price (THB)


❤️Soi Mistine, Rat Phatthana Road, Bangkok
✅Lease Massage Shop
3 years contract
✅Have a license to operate through the SorPorPor.P.O. standard
✅4 and a half storey building
🌸Monthly rental fee: 20,000 Thb
🌸2 foot massage chairs
🌸7 oil-Thai massage beds
🌸2 sofa for guests
🌸1 cashier
🌸1 refrigerator
🌸2 fans
🌸4 A/C
🌸1 water heater
All massaging equipments are included, able to continue the business opration as usual with masseuses
✅Have regular customers, main customers are people in the community because the shop is located next to a lot of large real estate projects
✅lease out because the owner does not have time to run the business, price is negotiable
Interest, contact 0928836987

Massage & Spa
Massage & Spa

Lease Out a Massage Shop, Patong Beach, Phuket, With Staffs

Price (THB)


🌸Lease out a massage shop, Patong Beach, Phuket
Lease: 1,400,000 Tjb, 3-storeys building
There is a deposit fee with the landlord: 210,000 Thb (included in the offer)
Large shop, can extend massaging space and massaging room
The contract can be made as negotiate, it can be 3 years, 5 years contract

1st floor: Foot massage and Thai massage space
2nd floor: Oil massage and hot stone body massage room with all equipment
3rd floor: 3 Bedrooms
Minthly rental: 65,000 Thb

No extra cost for continuing the contract
🌸9 Thai massage beds
🌸7 foot massage beds
🌸4 oil massage beds
🌸 others and have all equipment
10 staffs
Location: Kokonad Intersection
The shop is near the Asian market and the Chinese market, not far from the sea, five minutes to the shop.

Near 4030, Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Phuket 83150

Interest, please contact
Line ID: bybus

Massage & Spa
Massage & Spa

Lease Out a Massage Shop Ramkhamhaeng 94/1, With Full Equipment and Masseuse, Ready to Continue the Business Operation

Price (THB)


Lease out a massage shop at Ramkhamhaeng 94/1
Offer: 650,000 Thb
2-storeys building
with full equipment, able to continue the business operation immediately
The business is currently running
3 aroma rooms
2 VIP rooms
7 massage beds
2 foot massage
3 years contracr
5 masseuses
Rental fee: 25,000 Thb/month
5 CCTV cameras
tel: 0928836987
Line ID: bybus

Massage & Spa
Massage & Spa

Lease Out Massage Shop, Good Location, In the Center of Pratunam Area, Able To Continue the Business Operation

Price (THB)


Lease out massage shop, good location
Offer: 450,000 Thb
Have foreigner customer database
⭐In the center of Pratunam area - very good location, located on rgw 1st floor under the 3-storeys hotel with 130 rooms, the shop has completedly decorated with equipment and have 1 year of customer database
⭐Have both Thai and foreign customers
☑️ Do not need to renovate, able to continue the business operation, currently the business is still operating
– 5 Thai massage beds, 1 spa massage, 7 foot massages
– 1 set of chairs
– 2 new air conditioners
– Cash register with beautiful chair
– Storage shelf
– Beautiful lighting system
– wallpaper
– 2 shoe racks
– 1 washing machine
– 1 dryer
– spa equipment
– There are staffs who want to continue working
*Rental fee: 40,000 Thb, normal rate in this area is 50,000 - 70,000 Thb
2000 Chinese people follow
- Area: 100 sq.m.
- 80% foreigners
- serve customers who are tourists who stay in the hotel 13 rooms
Lease because the owner have to move abroad
Soon there will be many shops from Train Night Market team together with P15 Market.
Next to Platinum Pantip Pratunam, coordinates P15 Market, Soi Petchburi 15, just 50 meters into the alley, the market is on the right hand side.
Can ask for information and make an appointment to see the real place. Price is negotiable
👍Able to continue the business operation
Interst, please contact 0828869789 Mhor Mhee
Line ID: bybus

Massage & Spa
Massage & Spa

Lease Out Massage Shop @Sukhumvit 26 opposite Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, Able To Continue the Business Operation

Price (THB)


Lease out massage shop @ @Sukhumvit 26 opposite Double Tree by Hilton Hotel
#surrounded with hotels, condomeniums, restaurants
Very good location
Located at Soi Sukhumvit 26, next to the road, always have people passing by, next to both sides which are restaurants, bars

- The shop is a 4 and a half-storeys shophouse, 5th floor is a rooftop for laundry + housekeeping room
- There are toilets in every floor, 2 toilets on each floor
- 10 foot massage tables, 5 Thai massage rooms on the 2nd floor, 8 oil massage rooms on the 3rd floor, 4th floor can expand to be 5 massage rooms, currently it is for staffs to stay with 1 large room with A/C
- The shop has been operating for 5 years, ready to tranfer and continue the business operation, can change the contract right away
- With full-time staff
- Customers are both THai and foreigners
**Very good location**
The shop has a license certified by Ministry of Public Health

**What will you receive**
1. 10 foot massage chairs with good quality with 100% leather
2. reception table, cashier table and sofa for employee to sit while waiting for their queue and all massaging related equipment
3. large a/c: 2 on the hall on the 1st floor and 1 on the upper floor and other 6 small a/c
4. 7 Thai massage cushions + 8 bed with cushion for oil massages, included small cabinet, with more than 20 massage cushions
5. 2 water heaters, 6 fan
6. 2 washing machines, 2 dryers
7. CCTV, 2 doors refrigerator
8. Water pump, water tank, water system that the shop has cconstructed
and many more... the business is still operated as usual

Lease because the owner has to move to other province to take of the parents

**Offer: 2.5 million Thb, price is negotiable, include deposit fee: 480,000 Thb, meaning that lease out only 2 million**
THe owner invested 4 million THb

Rental fee: 80,000 / month
*Water and electricity is according to the government meter
Interest, please contact
Tel: 082 886 9789 Dr. Mhee
Line id : bybus

Beauty Salon & Baber & Nail Shop
Beauty Salon & Baber & Nail Shop

Lease Out Nail Salon, Spa-Eyelash Extension-Wax, with All Equipment (Salon Professional Contacts Available), Able To Continue The Business, Bueng Kum

Price (THB)


Lease out nail salon, spa-eyelash-wax #Ramintra #Nawamin @Bueng Kum District

Just 250,00 Thb, will get back 36,000 Thb
Urgent lease out, the owner has to go and study abroad
The shop area is shady, there is a coffee shop

#Additionally, can do eyebrow tattoo, lip tattoo
#In front of the shop, the garden has just been renovated.
# Recommend sources to buy equipment. Nails-eyelashes-eyebrow tattoo-lifting

✅ Got a Gowabi account (normally long queues)
✅ get the page/instagram/line official
✅ In February, you don't have to pay rent (we pay for it)

– 2 electric massage chairs, whirlpool spa (60,000 baht each)
– Long sofa
– air conditioner
– drawer storage
- shelf equipment
- clothes dryer
– Sterilizer
– All nail colors Gelly Fit, Jelly Merry, Bandi, Robifel, AS, Nature Picture, etc.
– Nail art parts, pvc jewelry, chargers, etc.
- storage table
- counter table
– 2 paraffin pots (1 hand, 1 foot)
– Wax pot + wax cloth
- Ring light
– Light box sign (can change stickers)
- Signage set up in front of the standee (board can be replaced)
– Round marble table
- large mirror

The owner does not have time to take care of the business
Special offer: 250,000 include eye-lifting sofa
– Get back at the time of issue 36,000, equal to the sale price of 214,000 baht
- Monthly rent 10,000-12,000 baht
(Rent is negotiable with the landlord)

Can continue the business

For more information, Khun Fai
Tel: 099-1188-824
Line = 0991188824

Location: Ramintra Nawamin Prasertmanukit, Khlong Kum Subdistrict, Bueng Kum District, Bangkok

Beauty Salon & Baber & Nail Shop
Beauty Salon & Baber & Nail Shop

Sell Out Salon in Pleonchit Center Building include All the Equipment and Hairdressers, Able to Continue the Operation

Price (THB)


Sell out salon shop inside Ploenchit Center building, 2nd floor, soi Sukhumvit 2 with all the equipments inthe shop

Located int he center of the city
Easy to commute, not far from sky train

Have existing customers: office staffs, bankers and foreigners

Have 4 full time hairdressers

Sell out with all equipments, able to continue the operation

Sell out because inconvenience in commuting due to moving house to quite far location

Sell out at 150,000 Thb

Interested please contact
Facebook: Nitt Nitcharuth

Fitness & Gym
Fitness & Gym

Sell Boxing Gym 6 Branched in Nonthaburi, for Investors Willing to Train for New Owner

Price (THB)


Sell the business for investors who are looking for gym and fitness business (boxing gym)

- 10 million Baht for all 6 branches

More Details
*Income Revenue apart from membership fee
- Retail shop in the gym
- Service fee for consignment products
- Extra field trainings such as international schools, public and private organizations
- Collaboration with other businesses
- Space rental for events and activities hosting
- Boxing trainers hiring for outdoor activities such as filming, game casting or other shows

Handover with boxing coaches/ trainers / health experts

For more details, please contact
Khun Ton
Tel. 095-5063297
Line: thadtharitt

Fitness & Gym
Fitness & Gym

Sell out Fitness with Equipments and Staffs/Ready to train, Able to Continue Business Operation

Price (THB)


Sell out fitness with equipments, ready to continue the operation

# the business is still operaating
# have existing customers
# with workout equipments
# Staffs
# Can handover the business right away
# willing to train and support for a certain period, after that willing to give advices (Free of Charge)

- 7 large size A/C
- 14 CCTV

2 units shophouse, 5-storeys include mezzanine
Address 54/73 Prannok - Phutthamonthon Sai 4, Bang Phrom,
Taling Chan, Bangkok

Interested, please contact
Phone: 0894933345 (Kob)
Phone: 0851102515 (Nam)