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ขายป่าสักพร้อมที่ดิน ป่าสักอายุประมาณ 20 ปี อำเภอ ป่าติ้ว ยโสธร

Price (THB)


ที่ดินพร้อมป่าสักอายุประมาณ 20 ปี
เนื้อที่ 5-0-83 ไร่
อยากเป็นเจ้าของที่ดินป่าสัก โซนหมู่บ้านคำเกิด
ราคาถูก เพียง 800,000 บาท

ใกล้ ตำบล กระจาย อำเภอ ป่าติ้ว ยโสธร

สนใจติดต่อ : เมเปิ้ล พิกัญญ์ปวีณ์
โทร. 091 251 8818

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Sell Rubber Plantation with Land (66,417.6 Sq.m.), Water Supply Available, Located next to Public Road, Amphoe Mueang Trat, Trat Province

Price (THB)


Sell rubber plantation with land (66,417.6 Sq.m.), Tambol Wang Krachae, Mueang Trat District, Trat, Thailand

4 kilometers from Trat Municipality
Have water supply available, located next to public road

Sell 500,000 Thb per 1,600 Sq.m.
Total price is 20,750,000 Bath
Ownership transferring fee 50/50

More information please contact
0840184777 Chartchai

Agriculture / Forestry / Fishery
Agriculture / Forestry / Fishery

Sell Rubber Plantation with Land, Located next to Rural Road, Amphoe Mueang Trat, Trat Province

Price (THB)


Sell rubber plantation with land (38, 400 Sq.m.) Tambol Wang Krachae, Amphoe Mueang Trat, Trat Province

4-6 kilometers from Trat Municipality

Sell 450,000 per 1,600 Sq.m.
Total of 10,800,000 Bath
Ownership transferring free 50/50

For more information
084184777 Chadchai


Sell Mixed Fruit Farm, 208,000 Sq.m. with Water Sprinkler System, next to Chanthaburi River

Price (THB)


Sell mixed fruit farm 108,000 Sq.m.
700 trees of 1-3 years old durian trees
700 trees of rambeh trees
Has water sprinkler system equipped the entire farm, located next to Chanthaburi river
Sell title deed, ready to transfer
The price is 300,000 Thb per 1,600 Sq.m

Available to contact 24 hours: 0933650878

Other Agriculture Forestry Fisheries
Other Agriculture Forestry Fisheries

Sell Rubber Plantation (Rubber Trees 7 Years Old), Amphoe Tha Mai, Chanthaburi Province

Price (THB)


Sell 4,800,000 Sq. m. of rubber plantation, the trees are 7 years old in Amphoe Tha Mai, Chanthaburi Province

Consists of 3,200,000 Sq. m. of title deed and 1,600,000 Sq. m. of Por. Bor. Tor. 5 (it is a municipality tax document for a specific plot of land in Thailand. It certifies that the beneficiary has occupied the land, a tax number has been issued for it and the beneficiary pays taxes for the utilization of the land. The claim document has no Garuda emblem and is issued without any governmental survey. The beneficiary, he might be called caretaker, can’t sell or lease out the land. However, the caretaker is able to utilize the land for his/her own benefit.)

Total price: 360,000,000 Baht

Interested please contact 065-664-1693


Sell Durian Farm, Mangosteen Farm, Good Water Source with Water Sprinkle System and Electrical Converter, Amphoe Khao Saming , Trat Province

Price (THB)


Sell durian farm with a title deed of 97,600 Sq. m.
Price: 50 million Baht, ready to be transferred
There are 6 years old good condition of 1,300 Mon Thong durian trees which is providing its fruits and 400 mangosteen trees
Good water source with water sprinkle system as well as electrical converter
Convenient entrance and exit located at Amphoe Khao Saming , Trat Province

Interested please contact (Pom) 0989958725


Mixed Fruit Orchard for Sale with pond @ Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province

Price (THB)


Mixed Fruit Orchard for Sale @
Thung Bencha Sub-district, Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi

Seling price 350000 baht/ rai (negotiable)

-land title deed 1173 rai 3 ngan
-mixed fruit trees: durian, mangosteen, rambutan
-rubber plantation about 600 rai
- flat land the with canal
- water pond

***easy access
***possiblity to change into a durian plantation

For further information, please contact
Tel. 065-66 41 69 3 Khun Athith


Mixed Fruit Orchard for Sale – good location @Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi Province

Price (THB)


Mixed Fruit Orchard @Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi

land deed 5 rai, 8 square wah
selling price 5 million baht

-mixed fruit plantation: durian and rambutan
- mostly mangosteen over 20 years old, ca. 100 trees.

-three lane road, next to 100m-long canal
-Good location
-house available close by

Nearby places:

- flea market
- school
- hospital

For further information, please contact
Khun Pom
Tel. 098 99 58 725


Selling Fruit plantation plus durian – 38 rai @ Chanthaburi Provirnce

Price (THB)


Durian Plantation over 38 rai @
18 kilometers to Nong Khla intersection,
Khao Suan Road, road no. 4014
***Convenient location

selling price 850000/ rai

- old and new durian trees
-small Durian ca. 100 trees
- mangosteen ca. 68 trees
-3 water ponds
- 1 water well
- 1 worker dormitory

🚩 Annual income ca. 8-10 million baht/ year
***potential production around 600 tons

For further information, pleae contact
Tel 📌065 66 41 693📌


🚩 Rubber Plantation for Sale – very good soil and water system @ Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi

Price (THB)


Rubber Plantation for Sale
"today rubber plantation, tomorrow fruit orchard"

# land area 598 rai title deed #

#selling price 250000 baht / rai

It is a rubber plantation with great soil and water system.
This plot is also great to convert to any kind of fruit orchard such as Durian orchard.
Conveniently located and easy to enter and exit
@Tha Mai District, Chanthaburi.

🚩 for anybody who loves durian farming and expand fruit business🚩very good soil and water system, possible to plant fruit trees
🚩 Come and see this land plot, great investment.
n with good soil and good water that can be transformed into an orchard.

For further information and making appointment, please contact
📌065 - 66 41 693📌